Extra virgin olive oil

Istrian tradition, incomparable aroma and unforgettable flavours…

An ideal climate, expert processing and a story that continues to enrapture aficionados of authentic Istrian olive oil year after year – all of these can be found in each and every single bottle of Vergal olive oil. From our olive groves in perfect seaside locations, brought to your plate; you are served an authentic experience of Novigrad which offers a unique synthesis with part of our local traditions.

Meet our oils

All of our oils – Frantoio, Leccino and Vergal Blend – are produced directly from hand-picked olives, using a mechanical process of cold pressing, so as to ensure that the quality and flesh of the fruit are preserved throughout.
Vergal extra virgin olive oil is one of the finest Istrian olive oils, a claim substantiated by the many prizes won at prestigious international competitions, and it is certainly the most valuable souvenir you can bring home from Novigrad.


Vergal Frantoio

It brings positive qualities of olive oil in harmony with a flavour that is exceptionally piquant and bitter. This oil goes best with ingredients of intense taste and aroma, such as beefsteak, truffles, game or matured cheese.

0,5 l = 17,00 €
0,25 l = 11,50 €


Vergal Leccino

An oil with a pronounced quality, a distinctly fresh aroma and a fruity olive flavour, mildly bitter and piquant. It pairs perfectly with fish, shrimp or prawns, grilled squid and cuttlefish, as well as a variety of salads.

0,5 l = 14,00 €
0,25 l = 9,00 €


Vergal Blend

A blend of several olive varieties. It has a vivid green colour and an aroma of healthy green olives and freshly cut grass. The flavour is a perfect mixture of piquancy and bitterness, with hints of almond. Because of its balanced taste, this oil is best paired with salads, cooked vegetables and seafood dishes.

0,5 l = 14,00 €
0,25 l = 9,00 €

Gift box

Vergal Blend

Range of our varieties in a wooden box:

  • Frantoio 0,25L
  • Leccino 0,25L
  • Blend 0,25L

43,00 €

Did you know?

The name Vergal derives from the old word for spring/brook. Just as it used to signify health, purity and life, springing from the intact depths of the Earth, so Vergal continues to thrive today, as pristine and as vigorous as ever.

Every year, around 50 tonnes of olives are picked and processed, and approximately 5000 litres of olive oil are produced to be used daily in Aminess restaurants or sold as a gourmet souvenir.

Olive oil Vergal

Even the guests at Aminess Hotels & Campsites take part in olive harvesting, which brings them even closer to the local culture and tradition.

Our olive groves are grown exclusively by the sea, which is a most favourable setting for the fruit of olives and the quality of olive oil.

Aside from benefiting the health of the cardiovascular system and liver, olive oil rejuvenates and energises, lowers “bad” cholesterol and reduces physical pain.

“I used and really got to know the Vergal olive oil while taking part in the Aminess Wine & Gourmet Nights, where I relied on the aromas and flavours of this excellent olive oil to accentuate the perfect combinations of local ingredients with seafood specialties.”

Chef David Skoko, head chef at the Batelina tavern

" Experience, attention and daily care for our olive trees; these are the key ingredients needed for the perfect olive oil, and with the ideal location of our olive groves, just by the sea, you can rest assured in the high quality of our oil. "

Bruno Katarinčić, manager of the Vergal olive grove

“ I have had the honour of participating in Aminess Wine & Gourmet Nights twice, which is enough to make me aware of the importance of using authentic Istrian olive oil when preparing creative gourmet specialties. ”

Chef Janez Bratovž, owner of the JB Restaurant (Ljubljana)

Where to buy ?

Apart from our online store, the Vergal olive oil is available for purchase in souvenir shops in Aminess Hotels & Resorts facilities as well as certain other locations in Istria:

Aminess Maestral Hotel

Terre 2, 52466 Novigrad, Istra

Aminess Laguna Hotel

Terre 4, 52466 Novigrad, Istra

Aminess Maravea Camping Resort

Mareda bb, 52466 Novigrad, Istra

Aminess Sirena Campsite

Terre 6, 52466 Novigrad, Istra

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Zavičajni muzej Poreštine

Souvenir shop, Decumanus 9, 52440 Poreč

+  The House of Istrian Olive Oil

Istarska ulica 30, Pula 52100

+  Hello Unique Shop

Gebäude P, Block C, Nr. 144, 32051 Herford, Germany